About Barristers of Ohio

Through five locations in Ohio, Barristers of Ohio has provided title and escrow services for clients engaged in real-estate transactions since 2002. The firm’s title department offers products and services to help clients with residential or commercial properties. Through our Tax and Legal property profiles service, the company equips the client with information about the actual property, including taxes,deeds,and aerial photographs, providing a comprehensive “picture” of the property. Barristers of Ohio also prepares title reports so that clients can be informed of any liens that may negatively affect the property’s value.

In addition to its title services,Barristers of Ohio offers escrow services. The escrow service helps clients establish an escrow account for the sale and purchase of properties. This process ensures the good handling of all funds and loan and closing documents associated with the sale and purchase of properties. Barristers of Ohio has Closing Officers that will meet with you at the location of your choice at the time of your convenience to close your transaction. Both borrowers and lenders can work with Barristers of Ohio in closing refinance transactions as well. Barristers of Ohio possesses experience handling escrow and title services for short sales, refinances, purchases, and exchanges.


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